Over the last month, we have all come to see our worst fears materialize as the continuing tragedy continues to unfold all across India. Now is not the time however to analyze how this might have happened as well as to try to assign blame. This is the time to be vigilant and practice with utmost strength the guidelines to flatten this surging curve.

After such initial successes, which included keeping the number counts low in India as well as vaccinating close to 100 million around the world.

These successes have quickly evaporated over a span of a month. Case numbers continue to surge and unfortunately have also affected the staff at India Aware.

With over half the staff becoming infected it reached a critical number with trying to maintain the site. We would hope that in the next month to 2 months enough of our staff will returned to reestablish this news portal again. We look to your continued support and well wishes during this time.

Our sister site at Dharmnews.com will continue to run and we will try to do what we can in bringing new content to the YouTube channel.

Please try to show us your support by emailing us at india.aware1@gmail.com or using the contact us page below.

Jai Hind

The India Aware team.